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Because ours is an oral tradition, every teaching is subject to interpretation. A lot of what I share here is based on what I grew up hearing from my parents and family members, as we understood it. Take what you need, leave what you don't. I just feel it is important to share what I can, if I have it. My parents shared a lot of teachings and some of my father's knowledge was documented by he himself, or from others who worked with him. So as I find these things, I will share them. 

If there are questions or other versions you would like to share feel free to contact me! 

 Cultural & Language Resources 


Transcribed from Richard Mitchell


Saiakwatsirón:ni - We Are Reigniting the Fire: Regeneration of Kanien’kéha Silent Speakers

by Kahentéhtha Angela Elijah


Partial Abstract:

This paper addresses language loss and the effects of becoming silent speakers, people who understand a language but do not speak it. It is a topic that has been neglected and has created a gap in scholarly research. There is a limited amount of knowledge which has contributed to literature in reference to silent speakers. Although, linguists have written about the deterioration in the structure of the language of silent speakers, there is little knowledge regarding the mental, emotional, social and spiritual effects on people who understand their Ancestral language, but do not speak it. For this reason, further research is needed to address the issues of silent speakers.


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